Who might use a professional coach?

Business executives, leaders, human resources personnel, and other professionals who are interested in being the best they can be or bringing out the best in others in their organization.

Are professional coaches used only when a problem arises?

Coaching does not mean you have a problem and want to fix it, coaching is an opportunity to change your performance or results in your organization.  Professional coaching provides you support in order to help you reach your highest potential in your organization.

We all have strengths and weaknesses and working with a coach is a wonderful opportunity to have someone help you build off your strengths while gaining a deeper understanding of your weaknesses. Professional coaches also help you to understand the strengths of others so that you can communicate and support them to meet your organization’s goals.

How long does a coach work with an individual?

The time varies, based on the needs of the client and the goals established.

How do I choose the best coach for me?

Finding a coach is very important. You want to find someone who can connect with you in a way that is meaningful. Communication is one of the most important aspects of coaching and finding someone that you feel comfortable with is vey important. Spend time talking with them, you will get a sense if they are right for you.