Dr. Anderson and Dr. Ward have had the opportunity to work in over 600 schools with hundreds of teachers. They bring expertise based on years of experiences working with teachers and students along with a sound research background. Coaching is highly recommended to successfully implement best practices for inclusion.

Coaching Teachers:
Coaching has made a significant impact on the success of inclusion for teachers and ultimately students. Work with teachers includes classroom observations, feedback, co-planning, and instructional support.

A coach is responsible for:

  •  Supporting the use of co-teaching approaches
  •  Supporting the implementation of accommodations and modifications
  •  Providing specialized strategies when needed
  •  Supporting best practices instruction
  •  Supporting planning facilitation

Administrator and Leadership Coaching

Administrator and Leadership coaching is designed to maximize individuals personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment. Leaders face many challenges that require varied expertise.

A coach develops a plan for administrators based on their individual needs.

Benefits coaching can provide to leaders:

  • Clarify, work toward, and accomplish a performance goal
  • Maximize individual strengths
  • Solve a problem or overcome a challenge
  • Achieve new skills and competencies to become more effective
  • Prepare for new roles and responsibilities
  • Development self-management
  • Adjust to change in their organization
  • Develop communication skills


Consulting services include individualized resources to develop an effective inclusive school:

  • Needs assessment for inclusion
  • Scheduling for effective Inclusion
  • Professional Learning
  • Coaching