Anderson & Ward Educational Services specializes in training and supporting Co-Teaching. 

Co-teaching is an inclusive service-delivery option for students with disabilities in which one certified special educator and one certified general educator provide instruction to a blended group of heterogeneous students. Instruction is significantly different in a co-taught class when two teachers establish a successful partnership that emphasizes co-planning.  Effective co-teachers incorporate co-teaching approaches, utilize small group instruction, and differentiate with accommodations and modifications, specialized instruction, and/or universal design for learning.

Anderson & Ward Educational Services is dedicated to helping schools meet the needs of diverse learners. Services include professional development workshops, teacher and administrator coaching, inclusion facilitation, consultation, school scheduling, and program evaluation. Expert consultants and trainers are committed to helping educators use best practices in co-teaching and inclusion.

Dr. Tina Anderson and Dr. Holly Ward founded Anderson & Ward Educational Services in 2004 in response to the growing need of schools to successfully implement inclusive practices. Since that time, they have supported over 100 school systems, over 600 schools, and thousands of teachers and administrators in increasing the achievement of diverse learners. They focus on building lasting professional relationships while offering practical solutions based on sound research and a depth of experience working directly with teachers, administrators, parents, and students.

MISSION: to help ALL children, including those with diverse learning needs, reach their highest educational potential. We believe that all children can learn when their strengths are nurtured, differences are valued, and needs are met through effective programming.